Organize your work

Emakin allows to build and run your business applications.

Emakin gives you the whole control of your enterprise. With the power to customize your business process management applications, emakin serves up information and assigns work, enabling companies to make better decisions and to operate quickly and efficiently.


Manage all processes from simple to complex.


Bring together workers of all departments for the company's goals and interests.

Cost Saving

Get rid of human prone errors, reduce your costs and increase your profits with small team


Work smoothly and standardize business processes


Free trial for 30 day and you can cancel anytime.


Quickly adapt your business processes to change company decisions.



Using a process saves you from chaos while doing your work. All of your daily business activities can be defined as a process. You can use the Emakin from basic task routing to complex enterprise-wide solutions.

  • Extensive Solution

    Business calendars, dynamic sub workflows, exception handling, conditional routing

  • Time and Event Processing

    Deadline and reminders, escalations, time based events

  • Standard Compliance

    XML architecture, namespace support, web services


With exceptional fast and easy to user interfaces you always in control. You don’t see complex menu or screens. Emakin is easy to learn, productive and positive to user errors which can be undo easily.

  • Responsive GUI

    Super-fast interfaces, any browser including mobile devices

  • Design Tools

    Nothing to install, rich control support

  • Flexible

    Printouts, rule based validations, theme support



All kind of data in one center. Binary files, relational or non-relational data from multiple sources.

  • Relational Database

    Business entities, database localization, authorization

  • No-SQL Database

    Native XML database, historical process data

  • File Archive

    File and document repository, document profiling


Analyze your process productivity.

  • Process Monitoring

    Historical statistics, process improvement

  • Dashboards

    Quick overview of progress, kpi

  • Entity Reports

    Custom reports, business entities, data exports


Work less. Do more.

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