The Problems Encountered

Personnel resource management
Management of changes on the transportation calendar
Management of remote operations and processes
Integration with wireless devices and subsystems
Monitoring stock, hardware, vehicle and resource transits
Integration with GIS applications
Continuous increase in client requests
Continuous communication with clients and suppliers


Multi-step calendars and queue creation for planning and task distribution
Supporting process parts with PDA
Supporting wireless devices
Real-time alert systems
Integration with xml and web services
Support for multiple database usage
GIS database integration with ERP
Stock processes integration with ERP
Changes, re-inspections, approval processes
Monitoring of changes made to GIS data
Supporting two-way communication channel (Sms-Web-PDA-Email)
Alert systems
Automatic communication

Return of Investment

Increased productivity
Tracking changes in remote areas
Real-time compliance
Nonstop integration
Tracking changes in the transactions of supply chain components
Increase in critical GIS data accuracy
Improvement of cooperation between remote areas and the center
Instant inventory management