New Trend: No More e-Mails

New Trend: No More e-Mails

Your BPMS must make your business easy and effective. Global competition requires a simple and fast approach. Enterprises which prefer complicated BPMS solutions without determine their needs and market research failed. Under this circumstances BPMS make life harder rather than to make life easier. Each step of the process means a new email. The purpose of BPMS prevents confusion in the business life. If your BPMS constantly sends too much mail, then confusion comes back.

Need for more Collaboration

The concept of business process may be as traditional as concepts of tasks, department, production, and outputs, arising from job shop scheduling problems in the early 20th Century and BPM solves problems which are task delay, disorganization, excessive document generation, difficulties when implementing new business strategies, lack of process control. BPM tools perfectly tracks the our business processes but does not resolve the internal communication issues in company.

People use BPMS for their business processes. But employee need also other communication methods like teamwares or group chats to resolve issues within project team, departments, groups and employees.

BPMS generally is too much robust about social people relations and it only comes to you when a task is need to be complete by an user. But if we are talking about team work we also need to think about natural social requirements of people. People need comments, help about a decision to be made or get feedback of other people.

Emakin as Enterprise Social Collaboration: Fast, Simple and All You Need

Emakin social network features merges your business processes with teamwork activities at same platform. With this features you can create activity streams for your workflow instances, business entities and team spaces. Activity stream is basically record of unstructured history of activities that contain comments, documents, video and any other information that shared with related team players. Besides wherever an activity is occurs, all of activities related with you or your team is merged now and listed in your main activity view like a preview of company hearth beat. Addition to activities company employee can follow each other and build teamwork relations between them.

You did not misunderstand, BPM and enterprise communication on same platform. Streamline internal and external collaboration.

Let’s take a look its features!

Activity Integrated Business Processes

All activity streams are integrated with your business processes. You can display not only activities of employees but also system generated activities of processes.

Online Community

Social Emakin ensures discussion forums, collaborative FAQs and polls. By this way project team can discuss about projects and tasks in this platform. They can also comment or share document on activity stream. The employee can track its all business steps on one single page.

Track to Another Employee’s Activities

Track your team’s activity through their activity streams. Display sharings of people who you follow, such as documents, comments or news. Follow your team’s activities.

Simplier Way to Engage with Employee

Social Emakin idea is that managing processes and relationships based on transactions only and within the boundaries of the company can be significantly enhanced by adopting a less structured, more collaborative approach created around an open community model.

Employee Profile

The employee has a profile which has a profile photo and business network informations. The employe can customize its profile according to its enterprise rules and its personal informations.

Team Spaces

Team spaces have studies related to the projects, sharing of team members, details of the business processes, analysis, comments, calendar and discussion.

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