Decision and signature processes at EGM are now carried out with Emakin

Working for the safe and effective functioning of the private pension system, the Pension Monitoring Center (EGM) now manages processes that require coordination and approval with private pension companies under supervision. Thus, 19 different organizations can communicate and share information and documents through a single system; decision and approval processes can be advanced rapidly.

Due to its mandate, EGM monitors the deductions and tax payments of 18 private pension companies. Complex processes that require coordination and approval with different business units in different companies can now be easily managed thanks to Emakin’s competencies. The business process developed at Emakin and called EGM Signature Processes enables 19 different organizations to work together. The process starts with the addition of a form in which individual pension companies can enter (or collectively upload) information on their work lists, information about their deductions and contributions to the tax authorities. When companies upload the requested data, a decision mechanism consisting of a predefined set of rules automatically runs in the EGM. After signing the required number of validating electronic signatures, the data is saved to the relevant place in the EGM database.

Another advantage of EGM Signature Processes is the ability to quickly detect and correct faulty data. Thus, EGM can now store the data of private pension companies in the database with each electronic signature without error and just in time. If necessary, detailed reports can be obtained for a certain period of time.

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