Medkon Lines has chosen Emakin for Business Process Management (BPM).

Medkon Lines, one of the successful maritime trade and transportation companies, has chosen to work with Emakin BPM in Business Process Management. Moving to destinations all over the world, the company began digitizing manual business processes with Emakin BPM.

Within the scope of the project, Emakin BPM ensures that e-invoices and paper invoices from tens of thousands of companies are distributed automatically to the owner during the invoice management system process. Each invoice is passed through the relevant approval process. With the advanced report feature, all archived invoices are easily accessed.

With the advance and expense process, all employees of Medkon Lines use Emakin BPM. Employees from all over the world with salary advance and business advance options and transportation from anywhere, can fill in the advance and expense form and submit it to the approval of the manager when needed. Each employee can easily monitor his / her own expenses as well as all company expenses in financial / accounting units through control panels and reports.

The Personnel Personnel processes and personnel files can now be tracked completely digitally with Emakin BPM.

In the second phase of the Medkon Lines Workflow / Process Management project, the company’s sector-specific business processes will be moved to Emakin. In this context, the company’s ongoing business processes in different language and time zones around the world will be moved to Emakin. In this way, a global synchronous job tracking will be ensured.

With its visionary structure and Emakin BPM, Medkon Lines continues to increase its competitiveness and become a pioneer in its sector. Monitoring global business processes, efficiency analysis of these processes, instant recording of data and documents related to the processes will further increase Medkon Lines competitiveness in international markets.