Benefits of Emakin BPM for Manufacturing Companies

The production sector and BPM seem distant from each other in comparison to BPM. Already since the first years of the emergence of BPM applications are preferred by companies in the Finance, Banking and Insurance sectors. I will talk about why manufacturing sector, which is completely different from these sectors, should prefer BPM and the benefits of digitalization to production companies.

First of all, production, machinery, operator and shipment components come to mind. It seems very simple to manage so few components. Therefore, manufacturing companies manage only Finance / Accounting departments in digital environment by using standard ERP applications. They overlook the iceberg under the sea. As long as they don’t see this huge mass, they find it hard to climb Everest to produce low cost and high efficiency.

Why Everest? Until a product reaches the customer, it goes through many stages from idea to sample production, from mass production to packaging. At every stage, sometimes it is traded in dozens of times. Each process takes place in one or more processes. In this process, it is essential that the product has to be produced in the same quality in each production lot.

After the painful sentences I have written above, the following sentences will come to you like medicine, I will give you a nice formula consisting of Emakin BPM ready processes.

First of all, from raw material and supplier management to procurement request, supplier selection, order, invoice registration, all transactions should be followed in a single process, which is presented to the approval of the responsible persons in a single process. In each process step, information and reminders should be sent at certain times and the process should be completed quickly and the purchase process should be completed without delay.

The new product should be included in the process of the new product development process and responsible of each step and the production process should be realized by recording and controlling the outputs of all operations. Project management process should be used for production activities that will take time.

The products that have been produced must be promoted and advertised in the relevant market with the help of advertising and marketing processes.

With the quality processes, customer complaints can be easily received, the responsible department should be informed and the CPA process should be initiated. At the end of the process, the customer should be informed.

Through the suggestion system process, it should be ensured that all employees can make suggestions both for their own unit and for different units. It should not be forgotten that the best person knows the job, employee suggestions are very important to increase productivity and quality.

Besides the processes to be used for production activities, recruitment, personnel evaluation, travel and expenses etc. processes can also be used by manufacturing firms.

All of the processes I mentioned above, like most companies using Emakin BPM, should exchange data with each other if necessary and integrate with ERP or supplier / customer systems.

When the processes I mentioned and similar processes are used, reduction in storage costs, efficient use of resources, improvement of communication with suppliers and customers, real-time interaction of logistics and production, compliance with deadlines, and increase in production management efficiency will be visible effects.

Merve Karakuş
Product Engineer