The Golden Key to the World of Automatic Control: Workflow Management

First of all, the workflow is a structure of steps to regularly complete certain tasks in a repeating event.

In other words, the workflow is a series of activities that are carried out in order to achieve a business outcome in a certain order within the framework of pre-started actions or established rules. The workflow is created by transmitting data between systems and / or people.

As you can imagine, in most cases the process is linear. You know exactly which path you started before the workflow begins.

For companies, the management of workflow models, in other words workflow management systems, is important.

Workflow management system (WFMS) is defined as the tools that allow the monitoring and management of operational or managerial processes in the electronic environment in a way that eliminates manual approval and control processes. The WFMS includes the tools to regulate the relationships between the components of a business process – participants, procedures, information, jobs / tasks and management – and enables the management of jobs electronically through job assignment, submission, approval, and system-controlled rules. [1]

Emakin BPM is one of the business process management software required for workflow management. Within the machine;

  • Not only to draw the work flow diagram of the business process,
  • You can reach all the steps in the workflow from within the Machine so that you can follow your tasks in a single environment.
  • With the History feature, you can see with a single click which step of the process flow of each task you receive.
  • With Emakin BPM, you can start multiple workflows automatically or manually and manage your business processes by intersecting each other at desired points.


Merve Karakuş
Product Engineer