Do You Know the Power of Organization Chart in Business Processes?

When we look at the definition of the organization; it is called an institution, association or organization consisting of more than one person with a purpose. When we expand the definition a little more; It refers to the structure that consists of members who have different responsibilities and roles, divided into lower and upper groups, have a management structure, are affected and influenced by the environment.

After defining the organization, it is very important to visualize the structure with the organization chart. Today, many companies do not attach importance to the organization chart. Some of them do not do this at all, or only for once, but then remain without the necessary updates.

The organization chart is the diagram showing the department in which the department is working under which manager. The entire hierarchy within the company is represented by the scheme.

Emakin BPM recognizes the importance and necessity of the integrative feature of the organization chart for the company and enables you to design in a short time. For this reason, each company can easily create and use its own organization chart with Emakin BPM organization database design.

First of all, the structure in the selected template with different company template options is automatically displayed on the design screen. The departments and positions inside give you ideas. You can edit it the way you want.

With the organization database design made in Emakin BPM, you can see the entire hierarchy both vertically and horizontally at a glance.

In Emakin BPM, the works are distributed according to the role and organization chart on each process basis. During the processes, problems of operation and role are identified. Incomplete, inadequate and inaccurate operations, role changes are made and the organization chart is updated when necessary.

Organizational chart with Emakin BPM maintains its vitality in the life of the company. With the drag-and-drop feature, department, position and person locations can be easily changed, and at the end of each change, the last state of the schema is instantly visible without the need to save.

In Emakin BPM, each user can see his place in the company in the organizational chart and get printouts. The user-friendly interface, color boxes and the ability to add an avatar image provides a structure that all employees understand and attract attention.

Merve Karakuş
Product Engineer