Borusan EnBW Energy – Emakin (Process Management) Project Started.

Borusan EnBW Energy, Emakin BPM (Business Process Management) project first phase processes went live.

Borusan EnBW Energy decided to choose 6Kare’s process management software EMAKİN as a BPM application as a result of field visits, group benchmarks and integration tests on business processes management (BPM) software.

The business processes at Borusan EnBW Energy will be managed in phases within the scope of digital transformation on the Emakin platform. Thus, while on the one hand, business processes will become more efficient and measurable, on the other hand, maximum efficiency will be achieved by saving time and energy. Accordingly, in the first phase, the e-Signed Bank Payment Order Process, Official Document Process and e-Notification (UETS) processes were brought to life.

Borusan EnBW Energy, all aiming to be a leader in wind energy production in Turkey with a portfolio of renewable energy sources. Borusan EnBW Energy, which places efficiency and compliance with the natural and social environment in its investment and operation processes, also plays a leading role in electricity sales and trade.