The Key to Efficient Business is Efficient Business Process

One of the important issues of today is work efficiency. Everyone is trying to find solutions to this issue from their own window. In fact, with BPM (Business Process Management), many things you need in terms of ensuring business efficiency, measurement and sustainability come to you in a golden tray.

Business Process Management is a methodology that shows us how our processes work, if any, failing points, time and effort spent. More importantly, we can make forward-looking projections thanks to reliable data.

Continuous improvement and Continuous Development

In other words, BPM is a Continuous Improvement approach where jobs are produced more efficiently.

One of the critical points is to ensure continuous development. For this, it is necessary to identify the points that are failing by closely monitoring the process with the business units, to investigate the root causes, and to prepare a new version of the process as a result of the solution found. Sometimes it is enough to simply simplify the process, and sometimes it has to be redesigned from top to bottom. It is not enough; Sometimes, somebody of the quality also needs to be engaged. If there is a quality problem, maybe a CAP (Corrective and Preventive Action) should be carried out.

Keep in mind; Repeating the same error for the second time is a coincidence, repeating the third time is preferred. If the error is detected and corrected in time on the process map, it will not be a preference.

Process Mapping

In the meantime, it is useful to mention again an important tool in BPM; Process mapping.

The importance of the process mapping is very critical for both new employees and former employees. It is of great importance in terms of understanding the work in a short time, clarifying the distribution of duties and responsibilities, following the current situation of the business instantly, and adapting to the last minute changes quickly.

Easy Measurement of All Types of Performance

One of the benefits provided by BPM is the ability to measure the performance of both the business process and the participants who take various roles in the process, and even other programs.

Measurement is very important. Only in this way can we determine whether things are going right. BPM measures with great accuracy the recording of the action time taken in every step of the process and the effect of the action taken on the next steps.

In this way, the performance of both the process and the participants (this can be an individual, department or group) can be clearly measured. This provides a reliable basis for the potential to be revealed and further increased.

Murat Akçiçek
Sales Manager