6Kare and QBS International Will Offer emakin BPM Solutions in Europe

As 6Kare technology, we continue to expand our business partnership program. In this respect, QBS International, which has signed a sales partnership agreement with 6Kare, will reach enterprise customers in the European market with Eemakin’s on-prem, cloud and private cloud infrastructure solutions.

With the cooperation of 6Kare and QBS International, we will provide services to enterprise companies in Europe with Emakin, a 100% native BPM solution for Business processes / workflow management, GDPR and document management needs.

QBS International, part of the QBS Technology group, is headquartered in London. With six regional offices across Europe, QBS currently has offices and representatives in Ireland, Germany, Sweden and Lithuania. Offering qualified software distribution services, QBS also offers additional services such as technical and sales support, planning, integration, training, and support activities.