BPM, Integration and Change!

In the rapidly developing and changing world, ERP and standard applications are increasingly restricting the mobility of companies. We can say that adapting to change has been the single most important skill in the last 10 years, during which time the importance of digitalization has steadily been increasing. Applications such as ERP can easily produce solutions for the needs in their field, but when it comes to data exchange with other systems, stumbling starts.

The current experience is; While companies save the same data over and over again in different systems, they have to continue their lives with less work over a long period of time.

Integration has become an indispensable requirement of companies in order to make their existing applications / systems talk.

Of course, systems that accept to talk to web service and web service are required for integration. At this point, BPMS applications have proven to be the best applications to manage data / exchange traffic between systems.

There is a web service developed according to the data sharing structure between the BPMS application and other systems. The web service is integrated with either SOAP or Rest API methods. Then data fields or files are exchanged and sent.

BPMS applications can manage the data / exchange traffic between systems in the background or start them in the process. At the end of the processes that started, data is also transferred to another system.

In short, in the accelerating world and the growing global market, it is impossible for you to run your business and achieve this speed and produce business without integration. Keep up with change, stay afloat!

Product Engineer
Merve Karakuş