The Age of Companies’ Struggles with Invoicing is Ending!

he transition to the e-invoice is a revolutionary decision. This is because, in addition to preventing unnecessary paper consumption, easier tracking of invoice tax amounts charged by companies and of course the digitalization of finance / accounting departments was thus made available.

So who exactly provides this service? Provider companies working with RA are providing the basic service for receiving and sending invoices. These companies offer services in creating, sending / receiving e-invoices and reporting with the environments they provide.

So far everything is very nice and ideal.

The only problem is; Some things have never changed for companies with a large number of invoices. Still the manager / managers have to check and approve the invoices one by one. In short, this is also a process. It is a serious process that requires a lot of effort and time.

This process requirement brought forward the idea of ​​integrating e-invoice providers with BPM (process management) applications.

Let’s come to the benefits of Emakin BPMS invoice management system.

In Emakin, thousands of e-invoices are automatically distributed to the relevant persons, ie approvers, based on the fields in the invoice XML and the notes there. In short, we took the distribution burden off the shoulders.

Lets continue; Invoices are approved by the relevant persons at Emakin (-you can access Emakine from your mobile phone and give approvals from there). We also solved the headache of finding the manager and getting approval.

Approved invoices are submitted to accounting control if you wish. Then, if you want, it can send registration / approval information to the finance / accounting module of ERP applications. Thus, we took care of the accounting part.

Moreover? You can also create invoices in Emakin BPMS invoice management. Thus, the invoices are submitted for approval before they are issued and then sent to the other party with the e-invoice provider integration.

Everyone has the right to want to see a quick report! You can track tens of thousands of incoming and outgoing invoices from a single environment with graphical and list reports.

Well, the use of printed invoices continues, albeit a little. What will they be? You can also scan and import your paper invoices by working integrated with OCR scanning applications (or upload them as PDF), then submit and archive them in the same way.

As a result, this process, which we can call the Invoice Management Process, is a process that needs to be managed with a serious process management, from the preparation of the invoice to the sending or acceptance.

By managing this process with Emakin, you will minimize the incredible loss of effort and time spent on this work. In addition, the fact that the actions taken regarding the invoices are recorded, allowing you to easily find retrospective decisions and their justifications; this will provide easier accountability in internal / external audits.

Product Engineer
Merve Karakuş

Sales Manager
Murat Akçiçek