How Emakin handles Case Management?

To resolve a complaint case; It is necessary to examine the relevant documents and be in intense e-mail and telephone traffic. Trying to bring together a lot of information separately complicates your business process and thus causes a loss of time.

Emakin BPMS offers you the opportunity to perform case management on a single platform.

It simplifies the process and gives agility & control.

Emakin handles every transaction as a case that is opened or closed for a certain amount of time to provide a resolution for business activities or services such as problem, transaction, request, proposal, development etc.

It may contain multiple documents and messages and may include many people inside and outside the organization.

The most important point that distinguishes case management from process management is; case management priorities the case information to improve the business performance while process management considers the process as the primary subject.

You can access the case information at any time, and you can archive it as an official record with all the actions taken.

You can manage your critical tasks as cases in Emakin. Moreover, you can quickly and effectively link your processes inside these cases, which contain different teams via group channels on a single platform.

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