Case Management

The Most Practical Way of Case Management

You can easily manage your cases with group channels instead of creating a work flow chart for your impermanent works.

  • Easy and convenient case management
  • Case tracking without creating a work flow chart
  • Activity flow chart
  • Automatic assignment via decision tables
  • Advanced reporting technique
  • External system integration
  • E Mail forwarding

Case Tracking Screen

After you open a channel on a subject which you want, and create a case, you can include people related to your case in this process.

Also, you can exchange files through the channel, talk about the case, observe the progress of the people on the case tracking screen, check and manage the case with your activity flow.


You can automatically assign the cases created within the channel or that come to you with decision tables. You can leave the manual reports via advanced reporting techniquen. So you can enjoy error-free reporting and business process management.

Automatic Assignment

You can associate your cases with a certain process inside, and you can integrate with external systems and programs with web hooks.

You can automatically direct your processes like requests, complaints, etc. with the relevant people you choose.