About Emakin BPM

Emakin was founded by 6Kare in 2010 to provide a rapid business application development platform, not only for developers but for everyone.

6Kare is a global enterprise that provides software solutions to leading companies from various sectors such as Finance, Manufacturing, Legal, HR, Insurance, Tourism and Operations. 

We aim to simplify the business processes to improve quality and create value through innovation and growth since we founded. We have a young, creative and dynamic team located at the Dublin and Istanbul offices.

Today, we design and provide people’s dreams, and we get our strength from our hardworking and creative team.

Sustainability is one of the fundamental principles of our company and our team, as well as for our customers and solution partners. Our ability to create value as a company is based on this sustainability principle. And as a matter of fact, we have proudly proved this with the successes we have achieved in various projects so far.

At 6Kare, we develop strategic communities internationally and have a significant presence in key markets worldwide.

ISMS Policy

6Kare aims to manage all risks regarding business continuity and their knowledge assets as;

  • Setting up and operating Information Security Management System that meets ISO/IEC 27001 standards,
  • Complying with all regulations and contractual obligations to provide security and privacy of knowledge and information,
  • Managing the possible risks may expose to information assets,
  • Realizing the necessary activities to increase both technical and social competencies to enhance the Knowledge Security awareness,
  • Creating a corporate and R&D foundation within the software development sector in terms of Information Security framework.

In line with these principles;

  • To define and evaluate the security needs, risks, dangers and vulnerabilities related to information security processes and to establish the necessary management system,
  • To reveal the working principles for the processing of risks, to develop and implement controls for security risks, to monitor the risks by constantly reviewing technological expectations and developments,
  • To comply with all national and international legal regulations in our field of activities and related to Information Security and contracts made with third parties,
  • To be aware of the risks on confidentiality and accessibility of all kinds of information assets belonging to our company, our customers, suppliers and business partners, to evaluate and manage these risks,
  • To increase the awareness of users and employees about information security to minimize Information Security risks and to make them aware of their responsibilities,
  • We are committed to preventing interruptions in processes, ensuring business continuity, and reducing information security risks.