Compliance, Safety & Security

Comply with standards, stay up to date with laws, policy and internal controls

Work Under Control

All business transactions must follow the business process path under control.

Each step in process is historically recorded
for audit.

Every task is assigned to the authorized personnel.

Automated Escalation

Set reminder notifications to push getting the work done before it is too late.

Assign a deadline on the workflow steps to escalate the work if no action has been taken for a period of time.

Delegate your task list to share with your team while your are not in the office.

Historically Recorded

Emakin BPM keeps all records of transactions during the execution of processes.

Within history, all details, such as who started work, when the next steps are started and finished, what is being done, who owns the current step and so on, are stored as records.

Automated Security Checks

Every task is assigned to the authorized personnel.

Define the roles for every task in the process, Emakin BPM smart system finds the actual person related to the role.

Access Control

Set security profiles and permissions to who can access folders, processes, reports and documents.