Technical Features

Better design, customization and monitoring

Emakin enables enterprises to design their own processes easily and customize all of the workflow to meet their industry needs.

Team collaboration has never been easier so far: Social network, file and link sharing, event based inter-process communication and many more features make Emakin preferred BPM solution in several industries.

Process Management

Emakin BPMS is a scalable, enterprise grade software package for developing process-based solutions with ease. It enables medium- and large-scale organizations to design and deploy unlimited processes that seamlessly interconnect people and systems

Assigning same task to multiple users or roles.
Task locking for simultaneously editing tasks by multiple users.
Prioritization of tasks in worklists.
Detailed logging of workflow history.
Customizable working hours and holidays calendar.
Task Delegating.
Parallel, sequential or conditional task routing.
Scheduling recurring processes.
Rule based escalations of tasks.
Notifications for reminders and task deadlines.
Management of error occurred instances.
Tracking of process versions and roll back support.
Process simulation before publishing.
Dynamic role based task assignment.
Dynamic sub workflows depending on data.
Customizable mail notification templates.
Historical process statistics and analysis of user behavior.
Task duration analysis for process improvement.


Emakin BPMS uses modern HTML5 technologies in all user interfaces. Since it is designed to allow the ease of use, there are no complex or commotion-causing processes. Form fields within user interfaces are only displayed when necessary, comprising intelligent mechanisms that direct users with no training requirements.

Responsive form design to adapt multiple devices.
Support for any browser including mobile devices
User comments with threads
Tabular or Table based layouts
More than 40 GUI controls for any need.
Master-Detail or nested layout data entry.
Customizable printer outputs
Rule based form validations.
Rule based form design changes.
Multiple data sources for list controls like combobox or radio lists.
Rich text editor with copy/paste support including images.
Template controls to re-use form parts.
Client side scripting
Digital signature support for attachments or data
Data export and imports for spreadsheets.
Graphical Pie, Column, Line controls for reporting


Database models defined within a process can be used jointly among multiple other processes. Where necessary, it is also possible to import data from external sources and treat it as a shared repository. This allows access to external data without using web services.

Advanced database modeller for business entities.
Automated database modeller deployment with change tracking.
Multiple languages for database columns.
High performance and scalable native XML database support.
XQuery 3.0 based query support. No SQL.
Historical process data access.
Generic repository for form attachments.
Revision tracking.
Full text indexing.
Generating PDF or HTML documents from templates.
Document archiving with related to business entities.