• Uncontrollable large organization
  • Non-compliance with laws and regulations
  • Financial risk
  • Integration of processes with other software
  • Document management


  • Simplification of processes
  • Real time notification systems
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Integration with other services and systems
  • Support of multiple databases

Return of Investment

  • Processes and risk management
  • Real time reports
  • Cost reduction
  • Continuous integration, data reliability
  • Control and storage of documents
  • Operational effectiveness
  • Audit records

Sample Processes

  • Inquery and Questionnaire Resolution
  • Government Subsidy Electronic Signature Processes
  • Government Subsidy Test Process
  • Treasury Account Form Notification
  • Tax Office Account Form Notification
  • Internal Audit, Risk Management and Quality Insurance
  • IT Service Desk
  • Leave request, Recruitment and Dismissal, and Personnel Evaluation Process
  • Travel & Expense