• Long patient waiting times
  • Complex interaction with insurance and ambulance companies
  • Multiple information systems
  • Document management
  • Communication and collaboration between departments
  • Resources management
  • Data accuracy


  • Integration with other services and systems
  • Support of multiple databases
  • Electronic transfer of complaints
  • Authorization control
  • Real-time notifications and reminders
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Calendar-based resource management
  • Inter–process integration

Return on Investment

  • Increase in the quality of patient management
  • Speedy invoicing and repayment
  • Decrease in costs of system management
  • Decrease in costs of process
  • Improved communication with cooperating institutions
  • Control and storage of documents
  • Audit records

Sample Processes

  • Patient Outcomes Processes
  • Audit and Compliance Processes
  • Clinical Trials Management
  • Device Tracking
  • Purchasing Management
  • Leave requests, Recruitment and Dismissal, and Personnel Evaluation Processes
  • Distributor Device Maintenance Tracking
  • Device Proposal Preparation