What's Emakin BPM ?

Process Improvement, Team Collaboration, Mobility, Compliance, Safety & Security, Reduced Costs, Higher Revenues, Single Platform for Business

Process Management

Design & Execute your business processes with just a browser

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Team Collaboration

Bring together workers of all departments for the company’s goals and interests.

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Compliance, Safety

All business transactions must follow the business process path under control.

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Unified communication & collaboration with any where, any device.

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Low-Code Development

The demand for sophisticated enterprise applications is on the rise.
Use emakin to switch to low-code development environment and meet this the demand with accelerating the pace of delivery.


Cloud Integration

Emakin is already integrated with Google and Office 365 with Drive, Calendar and tons of other API methods.

Compliance, Safety & Security

All business transactions must follow the business process path under control.

Automated escalation when needed.
Each step in process is historically recorded
for audit and every task is assigned to the authorized personnel.


Develop Once, Run Everywhere

Access from any device, any platform.
Unified communication & collaboration.
Mobile device usage for work and
personal purposes.
Wider reach of geographical work area.


Our Clients

Some of our clients who trusted emakin for process management

Build powerful business apps...fast

Emakin delivers the speed of enterprise low-code and the power of intelligent automation. It’s the secret weapon to put your Digital Transformation on the fast track.

Simple and Affordable Pricing

You can register and use emakin free for any app. Use or design your own app with standard support level or if you decide to publish your app you can switch to publisher package. If you plan to use app with your team you can switch to professional package by contacting us.


  • Low-Code App Development
  • Detailed logging of workflow history
  • Process versioning and roll back support.
  • Process simulation before publishing.
  • Task Delegation
  • Customizable mail notification templates.
  • Process based dashboards for easy reporting.
  • 10 users
  • 25 GB Bandwidth
  • 1 GB Storage


  • Basic Package
  • Business Decision Management Engine
  • Document Management
  • Customizable working hours and holidays calendar.
  • Historical process statistics and analysis of user behavior.
  • Task duration analysis for process improvement.
  • Embedded Forms
  • Publish Apps
  • Localization
  • 5x8 Support / Premium Support


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  • Advanced Package
  • On-Premises Environment
  • Multiple login support from external providers like Active Directory.
  • Digital signature support for attachments or data
  • Anonymous Access Portal
  • Unlimited Tenants
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Storage
  • 5x8 Support / Premium Support

About Us

Emakin BPMS is a scalable, enterprise grade software package for developing process-based solutions with ease. It enables medium to large scale organizations to design and deploy unlimited processes that seamlessly interconnect people and systems.

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Coface Increase Productivity and Visibility into Process Execution

In Emakin BPM, Coface has produced excellent results by automating insurance policy processing. The dynamic task assignment and uniform access to all information (process information, data from back end systems and documentation) through a single web user interface have shortened the total amount of time needed to process an insurance policy by 50%, from four…

TMF saves 60% time on the Transaction Monitoring with dynamic workflow process with paperless eco system.

  Emakin Transaction Monitoring (TM) provides tools for tracking all client information, relations and transactions, Cash and NonCash operations need to be  monitored and checked accordingly to TMC Group.                                                    …

6Kare attends to PEX & Performance Management Forum


New Trend: No More e-Mails

Your BPMS must make your business easy and effective. Global competition requires a simple and fast approach. Enterprises which prefer complicated BPMS solutions without determine their needs and market research failed. Under this circumstances BPMS make life harder rather than to make life easier. Each step of the process means a new email. The purpose…