Decision Modelling

Flexibility for Business

DMN 1.1 Support

Emakin supports the industry standard DMN 1.1 to execute business rules as an essential low code requirement.

With DMN tables or models, process owners can flexibly and easily define and change rules.

Decision Models

Just like process diagrams, decisions also have requirement diagrams to compose a decision logic.

Models may require certain inputs like “Category” or policy documents, that define the decision source.

Decision diagrams are automatically laid out using AI so you don’t have to bother with drawing lines and moving boxes.

Decision Tables

Rule decision logic constructed as Excel-like tables without any coding.

Each table has required inputs and outputs as a decision result.

Rest API

POST /rest/decision
  process : "Decision",
  model : "dinner",
  decision : "Dish",
  inputData: {
  	Season : "Fall",
  	NumberOfGuests : 2


Decision models can also be executed with the REST API calls to integrate them with other applications.

Using decision models together with the REST API greatly simplifies the application logic.