Connectivity is Everything

Embed Emakin Forms ? Check.

Want to use emakin’s powerful forms in another application ? Just add “embed” to address and place an iframe anywhere you want.

Authentication is automatically handled by emakin if you do not provide any information.

Soap Services ? Check.

Yes, SOAP seems ancient, but in many cases we still need to call legacy SOAP services.

Just import the WSDL to emakin and you are done. Consume SOAP services in usual REST way. No need to generate a proxy or compile any code.

var result = $Services.MyService.Method({
    customerId : '1234',
    count : 5

Rest Services ? Check.

  .AuthenticateBasic('user', 'pass');
  .AddUrlParameter('id', 5)
    name : 'customer'

Call the Rest services with fluent and easy way.

Emakin supports many authentication mechanisms with including Open Auth to make things simple.

Cloud Integration ? Double Check.

With Google Apps and Office 365 integration access to many services with Emakin BPM.